Parachute Market is seasonal design fair that celebrates the return of the happening. Founded by set designer and interior decorator Coryander Friend in 2013, the seasonally inspired design fair showcases an innovative marketplace of furniture, decorative objects, fine arts, and new and vintage fashion by emerging and established artists, designers and collectors.
Parachute Market satisfies the demand for accessible and exciting design for the next-generation collector. The two-day event offers a well-curated platform to discover and acquire a selection of the most inventive decorative design happening in America. 
Much more than a design fair, Parachute Market is an experience and places emphasis on how design is presented and practiced within a community.  Each edition of the fair is inspired by the Spring or Fall Equinox and a thematic concept is developed by Friend, the Founder and Creative Director.  Let There Be Light is the concept for the upcoming Parachute Market and celebrates Spring - the season of light.  Participating artists and designers will develop their work in a way that relates to theme and will explore their interpretation of light in design.
Parachute Market engages visitors visually with beautifully designed objects, site-specific installations and live performances. The additional experiential elements include a soundscape that is carefully crafted by a music industry figure and a food concept that is developed by a local chef and can range from a curation of food trucks to a communal table of local food artisans. 
Parachute Market engages all of the senses to connect the designers, artists and audience with a shared experience and sense of community.